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Looking to sell your scrap metal?  We are rethinking how metal recycling and reclaiming works. Here at Metalogics, we accept a wide variety of metal and steel for recycling in Toronto and the surrounding areas. Our goal is to provide our customers with a pleasant and professional experience, as well as competitive pricing for their unwanted metals. On this page, you can get an overview of the types of metal we purchase.  See here for full pricing. The standard specifications documented are intended to assist clients in the buying and selling of materials.

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Featured Pricing on Scrap Metal at Metalogics
Are you looking for metal or steel recycling in Toronto or the surrounding areas? We want to earn your business and prove that Metalogics can be your one stop scrap shop. We buy a large variety of scrap metal from residential, commercial, and industrial scrap metal producers. Why drive across town to sell your scrap metal? Give us a call and let's negotiate! In an effort to retain you as a valued partner, we are proud to offer you price matching or price matching plus on the scrap metal listed below. Need more information? Contact us today or stop by our location!

Ferrous Grades

No. 1 Heavy Melt Steel
Steel scrap over ¼ inch in thickness but no larger than 60 x 24 inches.

No.1 Busheling

Clean scrap steel usually of factory sheet clippings or stampings, max in size 60 x 24 inches.

Shredded Scrap Feed/Tin
Unprepared iron and steel scrap originating from automobiles, miscellaneous bailing and sheet clipping and other obsolete metal.

Plate and Structural
Structural plate scrap 60 inches and under, of ¼ inch thickness including steel plates and I-beams

Oversized Plate and Structural
Structural plate scrap 60 inches and over, of ¼ inch thickness including steel plates and I-beams

Clean short steel or wrought iron resulting from machining process, free of excessive oil or lubricates.

Auto cast
Clean drums and rotors. Must not contain free steel or automobile parts.

Mixed Clips
New production, galvanized steel clips, blanks and stamping skeletons.

Dealer Clips
Mixed new and old obsolete clean, galvanized or painted steel scrap, ¼ inch max in thickness.

White Goods
Household appliances including washers, dryers, stoves, refrigerators and freezers
NOTE: Must be accompanied by a tag indicating refrigerants have been removed.

Car Bodies
Automobiles free of fuel tanks, batteries, and other fluids.

Non – Ferrous Grades

Electronics Recycling


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